Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I advertise on the Web?

  • The Internet is best characterized by its rapid growth and expansion over the last few years. Boston-based market researcher Yankee Group estimates that more than 21,000 businesses are connected to the Internet -- up from just over 1,000 in 1990. Today, more than 75% of all new users gain access via corporate connections.** As people use the Internet more frequently, the Internet offers an excellent forum to represent goods and services in a cost-effective manner.
  • The Internet offers possibilities for representation and advertising which are unparalleled by any other service. Interactive communications and presentations have never been easier. Customers no longer have to set up an appointment or utilize resources to see a presentation about your goods or services. Interactive, multimedia presentations can be downloaded and viewed at the customer's convenience. Customers can place orders online as the information is immediately imported into a database. Some companies have gone as far as complete automation including ordering, processing and shipping, without the help of a single operator.
  • With the purchase and strategic placement of a single Web page, your advertisement can reach millions of people, without any additional cost. Internet tools which help users locate information will point to your page, giving you an unlimited source of advertising. Finally, statistical feedback is only a mouse click away. The server computer will log all accesses of your page including which page was accessed, when, where and by whom. With simple analysis of these statistics, you can easily determine the effects of each of your advertising styles.
  • The Web can provide an easy-to-use forum for your company to expand its client base for a very little cost. BigHit Internet Communications Services provides prompt setup and quality service. To find out more, read on!

** Statistics courtesy of Business Week, June 26, 1995 p.101


Why should I put up personal pages?

  • Personal Web pages allow you to accomplish a variety of goals. Some people post pages which discuss their views on political issues, some to tell the world of their favorite links. Others post resumes and/or offerings of personal services while still more consolidate information on a subject and offer it for everyone's use.
  • Most importantly, personal pages offer the service of networking, or presenting yourself to others in a way which might enable you to make connections for future endeavors. Many personal page success stories stem from companies who work with the Internet who will hire people with experience and a good Internet presence. Sharp, professional looking pages can go a long way.


Why should I use BigHit Internet Communications Services?

  • Many companies can provide a web presence by simply posting your pages on the net. This technique is not very helpful if you don't know anything about the Web. If you don't have time to create your own pages, you might be out of luck. Simply posting a page won't get you very far if no one knows you're there. To get the most of your page, you need effective support and advertising.
  • These services and others are provided by a knowledgeable and experienced staff at BigHit Internet Communications Services. Fast, friendly technical support is available to help you through the trouble spots. On-site service can also be provided. Most important, personal attention from a focused staff helps you get on-line promptly. BigHit Internet Communications Services is ready and able to provide the quality support necessary to stand behind you and your presence on the Internet


Why would I want my own server?

  • The basis for any presence on the Web is keeping and maintaining good looking web pages. If you want more than simply a presence, a server may be right for you. Pages offer information to the client. A two-way flow of information may be what your business needs. A server makes this flow quick and simple.
  • Some companies require multiple pages or many images. For example, a company who wishes to put a catalog of products and services on-line would want a server. A server provides many advantages over pages including:
    • A hostname specific to your company
    • Disk space limited only by the size of the hard drive
    • With an ISDN or a T1 connection, you have a direct connection to the Internet
    • The ability to receive and process order forms over the net
    • Easy access to server usage statistics
    • And many more....
  • A basic server connection can cost as little as 3MB of space on our server. If your needs are greater, a server is best for you. For more information, see our pricing information.


What services do you provide?

  • BigHit Internet Communications Services provides many different services to span the varied needs of individuals and businesses. With BigHit you can get any or all of the following services:
    • Server Connections -
      • ISDN 64K
      • ISDN 128K
      • T1 High Speed
    • Server Rental -
      • Linux based RISC Servers
      • Macintosh PowerPC Servers
    • Server Software
    • System Administration
    • Server Monitoring
    • Page and/or Server Advertisement/Marketing Support
    • HTML Programming
    • Domain Registration/Personalized Hostname Reference
    • Graphic Design
    • CGI, AppleScript, PERL Scripting
    • Database Integration
    • Full Technical Support
    • Consulting Services
    • Access Statistics
    • Commercial Pages
    • Personal Pages
    • and more.....



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