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An effective, targeted marketing campaign is the best way of getting the most out of your web site today. Unlike traditional marketing, web site marketing means finding partners and exploiting the tools and resources that your customers use on a regular basis. Making your site a success in terms of traffic and visibility is all about making sure references to your site are all in the most strategic locations. At BigHit we work carefully with all our clients to make sure that their sites make the most of the tools on the World Wide Web.

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BigHit Internet Communications Services
a subsidiary of
Cy Services Corp., Inc.
350 St. Paul
Ste. 2410
Dallas, Tx. 75201
Phone: (214) 351-2700
FAX: (214) 351-2702
Email: tlevin@bighit.com

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Find out more about BigHit and Cy Services from tlevin@bighit.com, or call 214.351.2700.

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